Shock Service

ICON Vehicle Dynamics offers in house rebuilding service for the entire 2.0 Aluminum Series, 2.5 Series, and 3.0 shocks as well as updating and rebuilding old “DR” coilovers. The basic rebuild service includes tear down, cleaning of internals, new o-rings, new wiper seal, new rod seal, new shock oil, and labor. Any other items needing replacement are additional and an ICON representative will contact you and let you know the additional cost of the items. Currently shock services are performed on Tuesdays. Shocks must be received by Monday at 5 PM to be serviced on Tuesday. If they are not received by close of business Monday they will be scheduled for the following Tuesday’s rebuild. Please be aware that it could take from 2-5 business days for servicing to be completed pending the amount of services received and the type of services to be performed. Please note services are performed in the order they are received. If you need a faster turnaround time we offer an expedited rebuild service for $100 per shock or you can contact one of our authorized shock service centers.

Approved ICON Service Centers:

Arizona –     SDHQ Offroad – (480) 633-2929
California –   DC Shock Services – (626) 252-3566
California –   Down South Motorsports – (619) 450-6128
Texas –   TPM Racing – (210) 825-1433
(If you choose to use a service center listed above, please call them directly for pricing, procedures, and rebuild schedule.)

ICON Shock Service Cost   

2.0 Aluminum Series Shocks

  • 2.0 Aluminum Series Smooth Body Shock Basic Rebuild – $65.00 ea
  • 2.0 Aluminum Series Remote Reservoir Shock Basic Rebuild – $75.00 ea

2.5 Series Shocks (includes removal of coil springs if applicable)

  • 2.5 Smooth Body Shock Basic Rebuild – $125.00 ea
  • 2.5 Standard Coilover Shock Basic Rebuild – $125.00 ea
  • 2.5 Remote Reservoir Coilover Shock Basic Rebuild – $125.00 ea
  • 2.5 Piggyback or Remote Reservoir Shock Basic Rebuild – $125.00 ea
  • 2.5 Omega Bypass Resi / Piggyback Shock Basic Rebuild – $175.00 ea
  • 2.5 “DR” Coilover Shock Update and Basic Rebuild – $150.00 ea

2.5 Reservoir Upgrade (includes basic re-build)

If you would like to have a remote reservoir retro-fitted to your ICON 2.5 Series shocks we offer this service at a discounted rate (free labor) in 2 ways – both include a basic rebuild.

  • Standard Remote Reservoir Upgrade (inc. basic rebuild) – 645.00 pr
  • Remote Reservoir w/ CDC Upgrade (inc. basic rebuild) – 845.00 pr

3.0 Raptor Shocks (includes removal of coil springs if applicable)

  •  3.0 Ford Raptor Front Coilover Shock Basic Rebuild – $145.00 ea
  • 3.0 Ford Raptor Rear Zeta Bypass Shock Basic Rebuild – $175.00 ea

Service Options

  •  Expedited Rebuild Service – $100.00 ea

** Please take the time to wipe down, degrease, or rinse the mud off of your shocks or there could be a shock cleaning fee accessed at 25.00 per shock **

Below is the procedure for sending in your shocks if you choose to have them serviced by ICON Vehicle Dynamics.
(If you are using a service center, please call them directly for their procedures.)

  • Complete the online shock service request
  • Once successfully submitted a return email will be sent immediately with your ICON Service number (be sure to check your junk mail)
  • Remove shocks from the vehicle and clean off any dirt or debris. This is an important step and will save you from additional labor costs.
    **Please retain all mounting hardware and bearing spacers. Do NOT send your hardware in with the shock being serviced**
  • Box the shocks write the service log number on the outside of the box. (boxes without service numbers will not be accepted or can have substantial delays)
  • Ship or Drop off the shocks to the following address. (We recommend you add the Service Number to the shipping label as well)

** Please use any carrier that is convenient (UPS, USPS, FedEx) or if local we do accept you dropping them off as well. **

ICON Vehicle Dynamics
7929 Lincoln Ave
Riverside, CA 92504
Reference Box – Service # S****

  • On the day of service an ICON shock technician will inspect all parts, you will be notified if any additional parts or services are needed along with the associated cost. You will be notified at this time of your grand total at this time.

Please Note – If you send your shocks in and there is no service number on the box, we have no way to know who or what they are for. ICON is not responsible for the delays that can be incurred if  you do not clearly write the service number “S1234” on the outside of the box. This is how the shipping department determines what they are coming in for and who they belong to. It is recommended that you insert a paper into the box that has your contact information and what we are doing to the shocks as well. We appreciate your cooperation with this and want to get your shocks back to you as quickly as possible. Any items – whether new, used, or in for repair – will be considered abandoned and subsequently discarded if not retrieved within 90 days.

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  • Currently shock servicing is performed on Tuesdays. Please be aware of when we receive your shocks back as it make take up to a week for servicing to be completed. By submitting this form you hereby authorize ICON Vehicle Dynamics, LLC to complete service on your shocks with the necessary materials. You understand that estimates include all parts and labor, however, if upon further inspection additional work or parts are needed, you will be contacted for approval. In the event your shocks require additional components and / or additional labor time due to the condition they were shipped in (i.e. excessive dirt, mud build-up, rust / corrosion), other cost may occur.