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Photo of 2007-UP GM 1500 Suspension Systems

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PRICE: $Price starting at 1805.84

AVAILABILITY: 09/10/2014


2007-UP GM 1500 Suspension Systems


ICON Vehicle Dynamics’ 2007-UP GM 1500 1-3” suspension systems are designed to dramatically increase the on and off-road ride quality of Chevy Silverado and GMC Sierra pickups. With wheel travel and ride quality in mind, ICON engineers researched each component of the GM platform’s suspension and addressed any areas where performance could be extracted. After this initial step, an array of products including coilovers, rear shocks, and upper control arms were developed and put to the test in varying terrain and extreme conditions. Once these products had seen many miles of on and off-road abuse without failure, they were organized into several stages that deliver unique levels of performance to the vehicle.


  Fits 2007-UP GM 1500 steel suspension and 2014-UP aluminum suspension Chevy Silverado / GMC Sierra
  Increased wheel travel and ride quality over stock with no change in towing capacity
  Vehicle-specific tuned front and rear shocks provide superior shock damping and vehicle control
  Coilovers are adjustable to yield 1-3″ of lift height
  CNC machined 6061 aircraft-grade aluminum components
  Corrosion-resistant CAD plated coilover shock body with hardened 7/8” corrosion-resistant shaft
  CNC machined and heat treated alloy bar pin
  FK rod end bearings for extended longevity and minimal deflection
  2.0 Aluminum Series rear shocks with hardened 5/8″ corrosion-resistant shaft
  100% bolt-on system, no drilling or welding necessary for install
  Made in the USA


Photo of 2005-UP Toyota Hilux Suspension Systems

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PRICE: $Price starting at 1595.84

AVAILABILITY: 08/26/2014


2005-UP Toyota Hilux Suspension Systems


ICON Vehicle Dynamics’ Toyota Hilux suspension systems have been designed with maximum performance and the serious driver in mind. The varying uses of this vehicle worldwide were acknowledged and catered to in ICON’s research and development process. The stiffer chassis allows for the application of a much more robust overall shock tune, allowing for sufficient damping ability across varying terrains and differing vehicle payloads. Rear lift is achieved by utilizing a leaf spring lift shackle, which maintains the factory load rating while also allowing for more up-travel. This attention to detail is why ICON Vehicle Dynamics performance suspension systems are the ultimate solution for the Toyota Hilux.


  Increased wheel travel and ride quality over stock
  Vehicle-specific tuned front and rear shocks for superior shock damping and control
  Adjustable coilovers provide 0-3″ of lift height
  CNC machined 6061 aircraft-grade aluminum components
  Corrosion resistant CAD plated coilover shock body with 7/8″ shaft
  FK rod end bearings for extended longevity and minimal deflection
  100% bolt-on system, no drilling, cutting, or welding necessary for install
  Made in the USA

Photo of 2007 - Current Jeep JK 4.5

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PRICE: $Price starting at 2709.53

AVAILABILITY: 05/18/2014


2007 - Current Jeep JK 4.5" Suspension Systems


ICON Vehicle Dynamics is proud to announce the 2007 to current Jeep Wrangler JK 4.5” suspension system line up. Hours of development on the computer, on the lift, on the shock dyno, in the desert, and on the trails and slick rock of Moab have resulted in what ICON believes to be the best suspension systems on the market for the Jeep JK. While the ability to flex and the delivery of a soft ride tend to be a focus with lift kits, ICON’s 4.5” Suspension System aims to strike a perfect balance between wheel travel, articulation, ground clearance, and precise on and off-road handling characteristics. With these goals met, ICON-equipped JK’s can take on rolling desert whoops at upwards of 50 miles per hour, crawl over obstacle-riddled trails, and drive back home in comfort all in the same day.


  • Increased ground clearance, wheel travel, and articulation over stock
  • Level front to rear stance
  • Out-handles other JK kits on the market both on and off-road
  • Track bars and links utilize dual-rate bushings and/or rod ends for tuned vibration isolation, controlled deflection, and maximum articulation
  • High-steer flip kit provides proper steering geometry without a drop pitman arm
  • Stainless Steel high-steer taper adapter eliminates drilling factory knuckle
  • Dual-rate front and rear coil springs guaranteed never to sag
  • 2.0 and 2.5 ICON shock absorbers are fully rebuildable and revalveable
  • 100% returnable to stock
  • 100% made in the USA
Photo of 2010 - 2014 Ford SVT Raptor RXT 3.0 Rear Remote Reservoir Bypass Shocks

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PART No. 95201

PRICE: $3674.395

AVAILABILITY: 12/08/2014


2010 - 2014 Ford SVT Raptor RXT 3.0 Rear Remote Reservoir Bypass Shocks


The ICON RXT 3.0 Rear Bypass shock with 3.0 Dual Hose Remote Reservoir is truly the next level in Ford Raptor Performance for the rear of your truck. Although this RXT 3.0 can be used as a stand-alone Raptor rear shock, the full potential is achieved when combined with the ICON #95120 Bumpstop kit and #95220 RXT Multi-Rate Rear Leaf Springs. When all three of ICON’s uniquely engineered products are “bolted” on together, you will gain 20% more up-travel and 30% more down-travel over stock leaving you with 15 inches of usable rear wheel travel overall. The desire for increased up-travel was answered with a unique side-mount eyelet approach that allowed ICON engineers to develop a shock shorter in collapsed length, longer at extension, and still fits in the factory mounting location. A 3.0 Dual Hose Recirculating Reservoir (Patent Pending) incorporates a check valve that allows hot fluid in the shock body to be exchanged with cooler fluid in the reservoir. The result of this is the ability of the Raptor to be driven harder for longer periods of time without the worry of shock fade and degraded performance.

Key Features of the Raptor RXT Rear 3.0 Bypass Shock:

• 3.0 RXT 3 tube bypass rear shock with 3.0 remote reservoir
• Unique side-mounted upper eyelet allows for increased up-travel while utilizing factory mounting location
• Recirculating Dual Hose Reservoir (Patent Pending) keeps shock temperatures low by pumping heat to the reservoir for increased dissipation
• Anti-Wobble Link (Patent Pending) keeps bypass tubes clear of leaf spring and tire
Easy-to-Adjust detented adjustment knobs offer quick adjustability without the use of tools
• High resolution bypass valves designed for noticeable fine tune adjustments in rebound and compression
• High flow CNC machined welded bypass blocks designed to increase fluid flow for enhanced performance & high definition tuning
• Replaceable bypass tubes that can easily be replaced if damaged
• Direct bolt in to OEM location with bypass adjustment knobs easily accessible for tuning adjustment
• Special engineered damped valve seats for quiet and precise operation without the standard bypass loud “clicking” noise you will find with other brands
• Multi stage cad plated finish with polished and anodized top cap / rod ends
• Protective shin guards standard with every kit

Photo of 2010 - 2014 Ford SVT Raptor RXT Multi-Rate Rear Leaf Springs

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PART No. 95220

PRICE: $1469.95

AVAILABILITY: 12/08/2014


2010 - 2014 Ford SVT Raptor RXT Multi-Rate Rear Leaf Springs

95220_web_large_REVBThe ICON Ford Raptor RXT multi-rate leaf pack offers a major performance gain for almost every Raptor setup imaginable. Features like 3 user-configurable rate options, tip inserts, and leaf separators add to ride comfort while a triple military wrapped front and rear half wrapped eyelet increases durability and strength of the leaf spring. A rebound leaf was added to reduce the axle wrap of the Raptor, which addresses another issue that has been found through ICON’s extensive testing. To increase the ride quality of the truck and gain additional droop travel when the full ICON RXT rear system is installed, the spring rate was reduced slightly from the OE components. While most Raptor owners will embrace this, there are those who have outfitted their trucks with a significant amount of weight in the form of a chase rack, spare tires and parts, or other additions. Understanding this, the leaf pack was designed with an additional leaf (included with kit) that can be exchanged or added to the pack, yielding an additional 10% or 20% spring rate that will handle heavier vehicles.

Key Features:

•  3 User-adjustable spring rates for unique setups or added weight
•  Triple military wrap front eyelet and rear half wrap for increased durability and safety
•  Rebound leaf reduces severe axle wrap
•  Tip inserts and leaf separators to reduce friction and improve ride comfort
•  OE style bonded rubber bushings that are maintenance free and do not squeak
•  Bumpstop extensions included for use when no aftermarket bumpstop kit is installed
•  New Ford OE front spring eye bolts included for easy removal and re-installation of springs