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ICON 2021-2023 Bronco Sasquatch, 2-3
ICON 2021-2023 Bronco Sasquatch, 2-3
ICON 2021-2023 Bronco Sasquatch, 2-3
ICON 2021-2023 Bronco Sasquatch, 2-3
ICON 2021-2023 Bronco Sasquatch, 2-3
ICON 2021-2023 Bronco Sasquatch, 2-3
ICON 2021-2023 Bronco Sasquatch, 2-3
ICON 2021-2023 Bronco Sasquatch, 2-3

ICON 2021-2023 Bronco Sasquatch, 2-3" Lift, Stage 8 Suspension System, Tubular UCA, Heavy Rate Rear Spring

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The ICON Vehicle Dynamics Stage 8 Suspension System for the 2021-2023 Ford Bronco features our precision-manufactured, custom valved remote reservoir coilover shocks with CDEV to yield the maximum travel possible along with superior ride quality and suspension performance both on and off-road. These coilovers also allow for the adjustment of ride height to yield 2-3” of front lift and 1.25-2.25” of rear lift over stock 4-door Broncos with the Sasquatch Package. Remote reservoirs greatly increase shock oil volume and heat dissipation surface area to resist overheating and cavitation under hard use, which can lead to damper fade, ensuring sustained shock performance at speed through rough terrain. ICON's Top of The Range suspension system features lightning fast, precise electronic shock tuning, on-the-fly, at any speed and in any terrain. Focus on driving and let ICON Intelligent Control (IIC) read the terrain and make near-instant adjustments via the Compression Damping Electronic Valve (CDEV) at each individual shock. Control the system wirelessly through the IIC app on your phone and once configured the system functions without driver input. This Stage 8 kit comes with Tubular Upper Control Arms which provide caster correction and feature our patented Delta Joint PRO, which allows for up to 90-degrees freedom of movement.

Stage 8 also includes the complete tubular rear link kit including upper links and ICON's Adjustable Rear Track Bar. The rear links links have been designed to free up suspension bind, offer pinion angle adjustment, and optimize clearance from the fuel tank and feature greaseless bushings and massive FK rod ends. The Adjustable Track Bar also features our dual-durometer greaseless bushing and an FK Rod End, as well as on-vehicle adjustability. The rear CDEV coilovers are mounted in a shaft up orientation and feature unique ICON engineered progressive dual rate coil springs that provide extra weight capacity for those who frequently load out their Broncos with extra gear and equipment while maintaining excellent on- and off-road performance characteristics. This suspension system is designed to provide up to 11.5" of front suspension travel and 14" of rear suspension travel when used with 35X12.50 tires. It may be safely used with 37" and larger tires if using the optional up-travel limiters (sold separately).

features & Benefits

  • Improved suspension performance and ride quality over stock
  • Up to 11.5" front / 14” rear wheel travel with 35” tire fitment
  • Vehicle specific tuned remote reservoir front and rear coilover shocks for superior damping and vehicle control, even under hard use
  • ICON's CDE Valve technology allows for in vehicle adjustment of compression damping settings and active adjustment via the ICON Intelligent Control (IIC)
  • ICON Intelligent Control (IIC) uses onboard sensors to monitor G-forces and movement of vehicle chassis along with user defined settings to actively make near instantaneous compression damping changes
  • Adjustable coilovers yield up to 2-3" of front lift height and 1.25-2.25” of rear lift height over stock 4-door Broncos with the Sasquatch package
  • PTFE lined spherical bearings and application specific mounting hardware
  • 6061 Aircraft grade aluminum CNC machined components
  • Corrosion resistant CAD plated coilover shock bodies with 7/8” diameter shafts
  • ICON engineered coil springs featuring a unique dual rate rear coil design with increased spring rates for heavier equipped Broncos
  • High strength alloy CNC machined lower bar pins
  • Tubular UCAs for added strength, durability, and alignment correction for better drivability
  • UCAs feature the patented (U.S. Pat. 10,731,700) Delta Joint Pro with 90 degrees of total articulation.
  • Tubular rear lower links improve rear end articulation and allow for pinion angle adjustment
  • Adjustable tubular rear upper links improve fuel tank clearance under max articulation and help further free up suspension bind
  • Adjustable rear track bar helps to free up bind during rear suspension travel and articulation and offers on-vehicle rear end alignment
  • 100% Bolt-on system - no drilling, cutting, or welding necessary for install

download installation guide

Tech Info:

  • OEM Wheels & Tires Fitment: Yes
  • Recommended Aftermarket Wheels: ICON Alloys - 17x8.5" w/ 4.75” Backspace / 0mm Offset
  • Recommended Aftermarket Wheels: ICON Alloys - 18x9" w/ 5.00” Backspace / 0mm Offset
  • Recommended Aftermarket Wheels: ICON Alloys - 20x9" w/ 5.00” Backspace / 0mm Offset
  • Recommended Aftermarket Tires: 35" x 12.50" (37" tires require coilover bump stop spacers along with minor trimming)
  • APPLICATION NOTE #55: Shocks Are Fully Serviceable. Lift Heights Indicated Are For A Stock Equipped Vehicle.
  • APPLICATION NOTE #66: 2 Door Models Will Sit Taller Than 4 Door Models.
  • APPLICATION NOTE #132: When Running 37" Tires Use Up Travel Limiters Part #611075 In The Front
  • APPLICATION NOTE #133: When Running 37" Tires Use Up Travel Limiters Part #611074 For The Rear
  • APPLICATION NOTE #134: Lift Heights & App Notes Based On Sasquatch Equipped Vehicles
  • APPLICATION NOTE #136: When Running ICON Tubular Lower Links Use Part #611073
  • TECH NOTE: Fitment testing done with ICON & OE steering components. Due to tight clearances to front coilovers, certain aftermarket steering components may not be compatible.
  • TECH NOTE: ICON Heavy Rate Rear Coil Springs are optimized for increased rear ride height on Broncos with additional weight added to the rear. ICON Heavy Rate Rear Coil Springs will result in a slight positive rake when the Bronco is unloaded. For near stock weight Broncos, consider part number K40018T.
  • TECH NOTE: Bronco Everglades will have front lift height range of 1.5-2.5" over stock
  • TECH NOTE: Not compatible with Bronco Raptor

System Components:

  • 48700E (QTY: 1) | 21-23 BRONCO FRONT 2.5 VS RR CDEV COILOVER KIT
  • 48400DJ (QTY: 1) | 21-23 BRONCO TUBULAR UCA DJ PRO KIT
  • 611073 (QTY: 1) | 21-23 BRONCO HOSE ROUTE KIT REAR LINK 1.75"
  • 44200T (QTY: 1) | 21-23 BRONCO REAR ADJ TRACK BAR KIT
  • 43501 (QTY: 1) | 21-23 BRONCO IIC INSTALL KIT

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