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RE-CAP: Q3 2023 New Products from ICON

ICON made 7 major New Product Announcements during the third quarter of 2023, featuring dozens of new SKU’s across our product lines. In case you missed any of them, here is a re-cap. Each NPA summary includes a “VIEW DETAILS” button that will take you to the original NPA, where you can get comprehensive product information, download images and more. If you haven’t done so yet, be sure to use these assets to populate your websites and inform your customers about these exciting new products from ICON!

2023-Up Ford Super Duty Centerline Steering Stabilizer Kit & Dual Steering Stabilizer Kit

ICON Vehicle Dynamics has developed our two most popular performance steering stabilizer kits for the 2023 and newer Ford Super Duty Pickup platform. Both the ICON Dual 2.0 Steering Stablizer Kit and the ICON 2.5 Centerline Steering Stablizer are now available for the current models of Ford 3/4-ton and 1-ton trucks.

2022-Up Toyota Landcruiser 300 Coilovers, Shocks and UCAs

ICON Vehicle Dynamics announces our complete line of suspension components and complete suspension systems for the 2022-23 Toyota Land Cruiser 300 Series. Components include ICON 2.5 VS Series Front Coilovers and Rear Shocks as well as ICON billet Front Upper Control Arms. Coilovers & Shocks are available in either non-Reservoir (front only), Remote Reservoir or Remote Reservoir with our CDCV Compression Damping Control Valve technology for adjustable damping performance. Our Stages 1 to 3 Complete Suspension Systems make specifying and ordering complete kits easy for any customer's needs and budget.

2021-23 Ford F150 4WD 2.75"-3.5" Complete Suspension Systems with Delta Joint Pro UCAs

ICON Vehicle Dynamics announces our 2.75" - 3.5" lift components and complete suspension systems for the 2021 and newer 4WD Ford F150 trucks. Components include Tubular front Upper Control Arms featuring ICON's innovative Delta Joint Pro. Coilovers and shocks are from ICON's proven 2.5 VS Series and are available in either Internal Reservoir, Remote Reservoir, Remote Reservoir with CDCV (Compression Damping Control Valve) or CDEV (Compression Damping Electronic Valve) technology. Our Stages 1 to 5 Complete Suspension Systems make specifying and ordering complete kits easy for any customer's needs and budget.

2021-Up Ford Bronco Heavy Rate Rear Coilovers, Coil Spring Retrofit Kits & Complete Suspension Systems

ICON Vehicle Dynamics introduces our Heavy Rate Rear Coilover Spring for 2021-23 Ford Broncos equipped with ICON Coilovers. This is a dual rate coil that provides extra weight capacity for those who frequently load out their Broncos with extra gear and equipment while maintaining excellent on- and off-road performance characteristics. Heavy Rate Rear Coils are available as a retrofit kit for those who already own ICON rear coilovers, and as "Heavy Rate" versions of our assembled Coilovers and Complete Suspension Systems.

2022-Up Ford Lightning Lowering Coilover Kit

Improve the street performance and stance of your 2022 and newer Ford Lightning truck with ICON's new LOWERING Coilover Kit with cutting edge CDEV technology. This complete suspension system lowers and levels the truck to optimize on-road handling and performance. Suspension height can be set from 0 to 2 inches lower in the front and 1.5 to 4 inches lower in the rear. ICON 2.5 VS Series coilovers are fine-tuned to complement the Lightning's already impressive performance characteristics, with improved damping control, stability and handling. And ICON's exclusive Compression Damping Electronic Valve technology powered by ICON Intelligent Control is the perfect performance enhancement for Ford's all-electric performance truck. CDEV with IIC provides active, on-the-fly suspension tuning that adapts to road and track conditions automatically, making lightning-quick suspension tune adjustments to optimize for every curve, bump, speed change or hazard in real time.

2021-23 Ford F150 Tremor 3" Suspension Systems

ICON is proud to introduce a range of 3-inch Complete Suspension System "Stage" kits for 2021 and newer Ford F150 Tremor. All of these kits feature performance-proven ICON 2.5 Vehicle Series Front Coilovers and Rear Shocks and Tubular Front Upper Control Arms with ICON's patented Delta Joint PRO.

2023 Ford Super Duty 2.5" Complete Suspension Systems with Gas & Diesel Specific Applications

ICON Vehicle Dynamics presents our comprehensive array of 2.5" Complete Suspension Systems for 2023 Ford F250 & F350. ICON has optimized spring rate, ride height and valving to the specific needs of the gas and diesel engine versions of these trucks. The Systems are arranged in 5 Stages with variations for Coil Spring or Coilver Conversion, along with two optional upgrades for our Radius Arms and/or rear leaf Expansion Packs, for a total of 54 different system configurations to meet virtually any budget or performance goal.

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