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What's a CANYONERO? #ICONequipped

We weren't sure what was better: the ability to make someone really happy or building a badass off-road truck. We chose both with a 2023 GMC Canyon AT4 and its driver. Owner Zach Cosby affectionately named it Canyonero, but it embodies almost everything Crusty the Clown's 4x4 isn't—well, except for the fact that 'She's a...driving machine!' (If you're confused, Google it for a good chuckle.) Equipped with ICON's latest technologies, this prime-cut mid-size pickup is ready to hit the road—and trails—at maximum performance, boasting a suspension setup one might only dream...

of in their lifetime. If you haven't been following our social channels regarding this project, let's quickly bring you up to speed. Zack responded to a routine R&D vehicle search ad on our Instagram page. His vehicle got selected, and once Zack dropped it off, our team decided it was the perfect fit for showcasing at the 2023 SEMA Show. We reached out to Zack, requested to take over his vehicle for several months, and then surprised Zack and his wife, Jennifer, with an off-road overhaul and a show reveal featuring renowned builder and TV host, Ian Johnson, at the biggest aftermarket automotive show globally. Dive into the details of the reveal event and vehicle build below. It stands as a true testament to our team's innovative spirit, expertise, and the strong sense of community we deeply value. Thank you all for being part of this journey with us!

A picture is worth a thousand words.

Lead engineer, Kris Konitzer, giving Zack a rundown of the overhaul.

Zack's first time behind the wheel of his built truck was down Las Vegas Boulevard in the SEMA Cruise Parade. Not a bad way to end a first ever SEMA show for this ICON Instagram Follower!

First dirt is a sight to behold, for builder and driver. Zack is looking forward to many family offroad trips with his new ride.

The Canyonero's suspension design integrates various planned production components intended for the Canyon/Colorado applications, with a selection of enhanced elements that truly set this build apart from the rest.

SUSPENSION OVERVIEW: Billet Upper Control Arm with Delta Joint PRO, 3.0 Front Coilover VS RR CDEV Electronic Adjustment, IIC (ICON Intelligent Control) Kit & iOS Application, S2 OMEGA Secondary CDEV Electronic Adjustment, S2 Steel Mount, Fabricated HD Lower Control Arm, 3.0 Rear Bypass Shock CDEV Electronic Adjustment, 3.0 Rear Outboard Shock Mount, 2.5 Aluminum Series Rear Bump Stop, Rear Bump Stop Steel Mount, Multi-Rate Rear Leaf Pack, Steel Rear Shackle.

GMC Canyon and Chevy Colorado suspension components and ICON Stage kits are coming soon - stay tuned!

ICON Impact Armor Front Bumper for GMC Canyon gained a lot of interest at the SEMA Show. If you're interested and want us to make this bumper or would like more info, Email Us.

Special thanks to our awesome partners, especially KC HiLITES, Boxo USA, Pro Eagle for completing our ICON IMPACT custom bed-rack so exquisitely! Including Nitto Tires for wrapping ICON Alloys' new RECON PRO featuring InnerLock Technology and HALO Wheel Armor to top off this build!

Stay tuned to our YouTube Channel for further modifications to this truck as we head back out to the desert to put it through more testing! One thing's certain: this build conquered the Nevada desert on its first run. No zip-tie drive shafts here! #iconequipped



Billet Upper Control Arm with Delta Joint PRO
3.0 Front Coilover VS RR CDEV Electronic Adjustment 
IIC (ICON Intelligent Control) Kit & iOS Application
S2 OMEGA Secondary CDEV Electronic Adjustment 
S2 Steel Mount
Fabricated HD Lower Control Arm
3.0 Rear Bypass Shock CDEV Electronic Adjustment 
3.0 Rear Outboard Shock Mount
2.5 Aluminum Series Rear Bump Stop
Rear Bump Stop Steel Mount
Multi-Rate Rear Leaf Pack
Steel Rear Shackle


Custom Spare Tire & Accessory Bed Rack
Sport Front Bumper 6" Light Windows
Aluminum Front Skid Plate
Aluminum Diff Skid Plate
Aluminum Transmission Skid Plate


Recon PRO with INNERLOCK Technology 
17x8.5 | 6-LUG | SATIN BLACK | Custom Coated HALO Rash Ring




YUKON Gear & Axle 
Rear Differential Cover
Gravity® Pro6 LED 
Rear-Facing Chase Bar
C-Series RGB Rock Lights
NEO Series Cat-Back Performance Exhaust System
M8RIX Power Management System with Touchscreen
Ready Pack - R1 Handheld Radios
1/5 Ton Big Wheel Off Road Jack "Talon"
Outfitter 35 Quart Cooler
Hand Carry Tool Box 3-Drawer


Rockstar Coatings | The Wheel Shop | Dailey Visual |CW Wraps

Fitment Lookup

Fitment Lookup

Fitment Lookup